Quality Policy

LOGIFARMA’s Quality Policy rests on the following principles:

Guarantee client satisfaction by means of the fulfillment of product and service requirements;

Ensure the relevant legal requirements are met for the company’s activities (especially the applicable GDPs e GMPs);

Systematically monitor the results of the application of the Quality System;

Consider the relations maintained with its suppliers as a partnership, considering them an integral part of the Quality System and monitoring and assessing the services provided;

Get all members of staff involved in the Quality System, taking their needs into account;

Continually improve the efficiency of the Quality System, aiming at the continual improvement of LOGIFARMA’s processes;

Perform all activities in accordance with the Quality System.


The company is certified by Infarmed, and possesses an ISO 9001:2008 certificate. It is regularly audited by the regulatory authorities and by Portuguese and international clients, which enables the company to guarantee the best performance levels of the market.